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Russell Steadman

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My Portfolio


Affiliate is an open-source tool I developed that seamlessly integrates affiliate tags into the links on my blog posts. For example, when a link from is generated on-the-fly, this tool automatically updates the URL to include an affiliate referral tag.

Why Highlight This?

This project highlights my code quality, test writing, commenting, and documentation. It also shows mastery of JavaScript and TypeScript, as well as a strong understanding of object-oriented programming. For this project, I used regular expressions and the MutationObserver to build its main features, which shows my ability to apply technical documentation to practical scenarios.

Scan Cell

Scan Cell is an open-source cell recognition program that I made for a microfluidics and biofouling project. It identifies and counts cells in the thousands, and uses web workers to accelerate performance without blocking the rendering thread.

Why Highlight This?

This project highlights my ability to make computationally complex, performant code. I made this project in order to solve the problem of manually counting cells for the project, and it showcases why I enjoy coding.

CMAP Grader

CMAP Grader is a Go program that is designed to grade concept maps, which are a branched tree data structure. It determines key parameters ranging from number of nodes and greatest node depth to average node complexity. The program compiles to web assembly (WASM) which allows it to run at near-native speeds on a website.

Why Highlight This?

This project highlights my ability to work with complex data structures and recursion. It also showcases high computational efficiency without sacrificing usability and simplicity for the end user.

Other Projects

I have worked on quite a few other closed-source projects that I can discuss in person, including auditable logging software for pharmaceutical manufacturing, journal software for education, and media transcoding software for a startup.